My Journey

I have been painting and selling my work for over three decades. I have travelled extensively all over Africa and have lived in Zambia, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. I spend time abroad visiting my 3 daughters and currently reside in Cameroon. My roots are deeply intertwined with the glorious Eastern Cape, South Africa. My art is a representation of my life’s journey, and the transient landscape that surrounds me.

I have found that over time my art is becoming far more intuitive, than representational. My interest lies in expressing how I experience life in this fast-paced age and finding the calm and grace between it all. I create art pieces that are unique, innovative, and vibrant. My work brings me great fulfilment, and people often comment on the joy they feel exuding from my work.

The Process

My art is how I connect myself with the world, it’s where I find my freedom, my energy and answers. I am passionate about paint and colour, and how their physical presence evolves from working with raw ideas to paintings with unique unpredictable personalities of their own.

My art is always based on photos I take, little ordinary snippets because I believe that the most value we can find in life is through the ordinary. I don’t like to wait for special occasions, I want to find my gratitude every day, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I work primarily in oils, but if I am travelling I often work on birchwood panels with acrylics.

List of exhibitions

2007 Annual Arts exhibition Artspace Gallery, Durban
2007 Kizo Arts Exhibition, Umhlanga
2007 National Society of the Arts Group Exhibition
2008 Group artists Exhibition, Signature Art Gallery
2008 Affordable Arts Exhibition Artspace, Durban
2008 Nashua Art in the Park, Pietermaritzburg
2008 Emergence Art Exhibition, Durban North
2008 National Society of the Arts Group Exhibition
2009 Affordable Arts Exhibition Artspace, Durban
2009 Gallery 91, Somerset West
2009 Permanently exhibiting at Etchings Gallery, Durban
2009 National Society of the Arts Group Exhibition

2010 Moved to Zambia

2011 On display at Sugarbush Farm, Lusaka
2011 SAA artists online
2012 AIS Gallery, Lusaka
2013 Under a Zambia sky, solo exhibition P’zazz

2014 Moved to Nigeria, started selling work on Yessy and Saartchi

2017 Moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2018 Moved to Douala, Cameroon

2021 The Gallery, Ballitto SA Landscape Finalist Exhibition
2022 Completed Creative Visionary Program online through Nicholas Wilton
2022 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition

I exhibited prolifically when I lived in South Africa full time many years ago. Since moving up Africa obviously this became limited, and I have expanded my business through an online presence and word of mouth. My work is in art collections all over the world, and I embrace the global market that is available to us all.