about me

Belinda Ross | Artist

my story

I was very fortunate to grow up on a beautiful coastal farm in the Eastern Cape, just outside Port Alfred, South Africa. I have very fond memories of walking in the veld with my Dad to admire the views surrounding us. This instilled my love and deep connection to the earth and our environment, which I am very conscious of, and try to illustrate in my work.

my story

When I began painting I concentrated on Botanical illustrations with watercolours and painted those with infinite detail. I enjoyed that very much at the time.

In 2005 we moved to Durban where I my met my mentor, Dee Donaldson, of Studio 3. She introduced me to oils, which I fell in love with immediately. I am passionate about the richness of colour achieved with oils, how brushstrokes can be so illustrative, and how the layers build up and the physical presence of the oil begins to speak its own language.

I am most comfortable working on large canvases, and particularly enjoy painting Aloes, Mountains, and Seascapes.

I am also the wife of a very supportive husband, Andrew, and proud mother of three gorgeous daughters, Julia, Alyssa and Lindsay. Due to Andrew’s career we have moved several times within South Africa and then to Lusaka, Zambia in 2010. At the time it was tumultuous upheaval but in retrospect it has been the most fantastic experience for all of us.

In 2015 we moved to Ilesia, Nigeria, which was very interesting! I had a lot of time to paint as we were very isolated but it was also very difficult to get my materials to such a remote location. It was impossible to source materials locally.

In 2017 we moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which was fantastic. There was a thriving Art scene but unfortunately we were not there for long and we moved to Douala, Cameroon, where we reside currently.

artist statement

Painting, to me, represents total abandonment.

Painting affords me the opportunity to illustrate my interpretation and appreciation of landscape. Through the manipulation of paint texture, colour and application I am continually exploring and discovering new techniques. I set out to try and recreate on canvas the rich earthly tones that usually lie seen on the surface of the earth and what I sense from my creative instinct.

Whilst painting I experience a sense of unrestricted freedom that I as a woman am not able to demonstrate in other areas of my life. I am of the belief that exposure to art, and associated creative influences give my life a deeper meaning and a sense of humility.

“What do I want to express with my work? Nothing else but that which every artist seeks: to achieve harmony through the balance of the relationships between lines, colours and places. But only in the cleanest and strongest way” – Piet Mondrian


2007 Annual Arts exhibition Artspace Gallery, Durban
2007 Kizo Arts Exhibition, Umhlanga
2007 National Society of the Arts Group Exhibition
2008 Group artists Exhibition, Signature Art Gallery
2008 Affordable Arts Exhibition Artspace, Durban
2008 Nashua Art in the Park, Pietermaritzburg
2008 Emergence Art Exhibition, Durban North
2008 National Society of the Arts Group Exhibition
2009 Affordable Arts Exhibition Artspace, Durban
2009 Gallery 91, Somerset West
2009 Permanently exhibiting at Etchings Gallery, Durban
2009 National Society of the Arts Group Exhibition
2011 On display at Sugarbush Farm, Lusaka
2011 SAA artists online
2012 AIS Gallery, Lusaka
2013 Under a Zambia sky, solo exhibition P’zazz